Fluxion Art Journal

Created in 1997 by Mark Harvey and Nelda Street, Fluxion has evolved from a newsletter between friends into an infrequently published
art journal about personal work, vision, and culture. Harvey alone continues the publication as time allows.

The term fluxion was first coined by Isaac Newton to describe something he could not find another word for: the rate of continuous change in variable quantities. Used to describe the complexity of turbulence within a system, fluxion felt like the perfect name for a magazine dedicated to artists sharing the ways they articulate the constant struggle to survive and still be creative in our lives.

The Fluxion journal also identifies with the Cultural Creative movement and the First Things First designers manifesto, whose values embrace a curiosity and concern for the world, its ecosystems, and its peoples; an awareness of and activism for peace, social justice,
and personal responsibility; and an openness to self-actualization through means other than commercial consumerism.

The mission of Fluxion is to explore, chart, and critically reflect on the changing nature of personal vision, as navigated and integrated through life, culture, and work. We want to create a forum to share the unique ways people make and creatively express meaning
in their lives.